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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My New Website

My new website is coming soon, it's currently under construction. I'll soon be very happy to get rid of my Etsy shop because there are SO many shops and so many items on Etsy now that every items gets buried unless you're pretty much constantly "refreshing" it. My website will have all of the baby things I make and a custom order option. Everything else I make like the bags you see on here will still mostly be giveaway items from time to time. The website designer I have hired is great so far and I am excited about it, the one thing that's a bit frustrating is that I wish I could be more involved in the actual building of the site. I like to do things myself so it's hard to have access to it but not be able to do much because the whole HTML thing is such a foreign language to me. One thing I'd also like to do is to get some super great pictures for it and that is something I can do, BUT how to get my kids to sits still long enough... a whole other thing!

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