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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What IS going on here??

The new website that has been under construction for many months, and has gone through several designers, but is finally going to be coming together by the middle of August. Part of why it's taken so long and why I have been absent from my blog, is how much work I've been putting into the inventory and all of the business components, but it is starting to look better each day. I have had some set backs there too however, I am very involved in my evolving career as a lactation consultant and a post-partum doula, and it's a busy business to say the least. Another very time consuming thing, but fun thing, that is part of building both websites is taking great photos for the the products and to create messages without words, and with the beautiful models I have, mothers and baby's, both websites will be so great! But first and foremost is my family, as many of you know I have two young children, my boys are three and one years old, and my sister just had her first baby six days ago. Sadly the new baby is still in the NICU but is doing better each day, he may be there several more days, I have had to be there each day to be there for my sister and give her support where she needs it. We live in Aptos, Ca and she had the baby at a hospital in Salinas, which has been a pain in the butt to drive to but it's worth it when I get there! My husband, who has been very busy finishing his paramedic training, is now officially a paramedic and I couldn't be more proud of him, not only is he one of the most hard working, caring, and sweet guys, he's a hero and now not just to me and our boys but to each person he has the honor of helping, and hopefully saving many many lives. The process has been hard and sometimes stressful because for over six months he was training on the job in the ambulance acting as lead medic, and he was gone anywhere from 72-96 hours each week, and it was just so hard to balance everything with him gone so much and so often. It all paid off and I couldn't be more proud of him! And, soon we'll be ready to try for another addition to our family, hopefully a girl this time ; ) I will be working on a second website soon after my Tulips and Turnips website is up and running, I'm not sure what to call my second business yet, so any ideas for a name would be greatly appreciated! It will be for my post-partum doula service. So, if you have any feed back for me, I would appreciate it! Thanks for hangin in with me, I know a blog that just sits for months is not fun, but I do intent for it to be so much more. ; )

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